Make up gurus!

So, I need some help/advice/opinions.
I don’t know how girls do it but every other girl can look amazing with make up. Then there’s me clueless as to what’s where and what to wear or use.
Truth is I hate it. I hate wearing it and I hate putting it on.
So what’s the best eyeliner out there? I brought a brown one the other day…. A brown one. What’s the use of a brown one?! I’m on about liquid btw!
I need new everything; so tell me by commenting what’s the best or what’s your opinion on mascaras any brands or any recommendations. Also for lipsticks, eyeliner, foundation, eyebrow kits, and make up brushes.
Any opinions welcome or recommendations.
Also what’s people’s on beauty blenders? Is it worth a buy?
Any beauty tips & recommendations welcome πŸ’“ thank you x

🎒 Thorpe Park 🎒

Warning; rant ahead πŸ‘‡πŸš«
Yesterday I ventured to Thorpe Park with some of my mates and this was my second time there but this time I fast tracked leaving at 6AM in the morning which meant me getting up at 5am so I had lack of sleep before this day.
Now first time I went to Thorpe Park I loved it! Thought it was great but i put that down to not knowing what to expect. But yesterday I knew what to expect.
The things I hate about Thorpe Park are: fast tracking or not you still have to wait so long. I know it can’t be helped but I’m pretty sure I didn’t pay to stand around waiting in 28 degrees heat with no water! I paid about Β£70 for my ticket and fast track?! Another thing I dislikes was having no shelter under the parts that you que at. I am burnt to shit right now (excuse my language) πŸ™Š Also rides braking down one after another despite queuing for like 2 hours for a ride, to be then told to leave as it’s broken etc. That annoyed me πŸ˜’
Me being me and my mates who deal with bodily fluids every day at work, someone was sick on the swarm ride EVERY TIME he went on it. He went on it 3 times and was sick after each time, surely that’s a clear hint to not let the guy back on?! Seriously should of let your lunch go down you annoying man πŸ˜’ I waited well over an hour to go on probably nearly 2 hours, and that WAS with a fast track ticket! But relating back to the fact that me and my friends I was with work with bodily fluids, the staff at Thorpe Park took a good 45 minutes to actually CLEAR up one persons sick. They wore googles and put powder on it I saw no anti bacterial wash? Oh and chucked a bucket of water over it and scrapped the seat with a brush. Now I’m now cleaning expert but I probably do that 10 times and clear up sick every hour of the day and it takes me 5 minutes to thoroughly clean it. They were clueless how to clean and didn’t do a great job, of which I moved seats as it was certainly not clean!
Another big thing which baffled me was that a bottle of water was more expensive than a bottle of coke?! I find that pretty bad considering being able to have water no matter where you as is a basic human right but for the cost it is, is pathetic. We need water to survive especially in the heat that there was yesterday and on top of THAT there was only ONE person working on the til which meant a long ass que to purchase your drinks! πŸ˜’
Lastly πŸ™ˆ I was queuing to collect my preordered/bought fast track tickets which is a different que to buying them on the day as there was a sign stating that! A staff member told me I couldn’t que there after he had served some people in front of me?! He didn’t even know what the sign was that they put up. I thought I was going to have to que for another 30+ minutes to even get my fast track ticket!
Anyway rant over as I still feel inhumane after Thorpe Park, one seat I sat on which was at the back of the Colossus was dodgy in which my neck is now so tense and I’ve had a headache since then as I smacked my head numerous times as the seat was unstable.
Back to hibernation for me as I thought I’d share my true experience πŸ™ŒπŸŽ’

On a plus note: I had some Krispy Kreme’s yesterday 🍩 and they were beautiful as always & now I crave more 😍
Peace and love to all 😘 Sorry about my rant just had to as everyone loves the place, but now I beg to differ πŸš«πŸ’€

20140727-100404 pm-79444620.jpg

20140727-100405 pm-79445405.jpg

20140727-100403 pm-79443891.jpg

20140727-100402 pm-79442903.jpg

Baby’s and 4D scans: what’s the world coming to?

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but I think what technology does can be amazing. And some can just make us a lot lazier.
But I believe that 4D scans are a once in a life time opportunity for whoever is having the baby!
Yet, people are now saying and I quote

Latest technology now means we can meet our baby long before they are born but with the popularity of 4D scans on the rise, reporter DONNA-LOUISE BISHOP asks if we are losing focus on the real reason for having them?

I mean c’mon? How does 4D scan make people loose the focus on the reason for having a baby? Am I the only one who disagrees with this?!
Reading up on this πŸ‘‡
Norwich EDP πŸ‘ˆ on what peoples views are on this is crazy.
Some others say a 4D scan is a

unnecessary luxury

I mean if everyone woman who was having a baby and didn’t have to pay for the 4D scan I think everyone would have one, would they not?
That’s just my opinion, but I don’t know.
Views are all to our own πŸ™Œ

Cakes cakes and more cakes! 😍🍴πŸ₯πŸŽ‚πŸ°

If you love cakes then you should most certainly check out @Nicelyiced on twitter. The cakes that I see on my newsfeed, Instagram & Facebook every day! They’re all beautiful and look so yummy! Any occasion you need a cake get one from @Nicelyiced !
Even if you’re a cake or food addict check out the twitter page @Nicelyiced or the website Nicely Iced ☺️ follow follow follow and get Nicely Iced to 5K on twitter!
I’ve put a collage together quickly from all photos of @NicelyIced to show you beautiful people how amazing (understatement) the cakes really are. The detail is unreal on every cake! You don’t know what you’re missing πŸ™ŒπŸ˜πŸ°πŸŽ‚

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So I haven’t posted in a while but an update i got the puppies away from the evil man(from my previous post) so that’s a load off my mind! I’m back at work tomorrow for a couple of days then I have my annual leave which means week off!
Currently outgrowing my eyebrows as they’re being done next week, horrible mono going on! 😳😜 so I’ll leave ya’ll a photo of me goofin’ around earlier πŸ˜¬πŸ™ˆ
Anyway, off to bed now; hope all you beautiful people out there have a beautiful evening/morning/night where ever you are 😘
And live each day like it’s your last πŸ’‹ 20140715-100412 pm-79452731.jpg

Hair dying!

This is more a personal post as I’m clueless what to do. I’m getting my hair dyed this month by my hair dresser and I’ve told her to put some low lights in my hair. But I don’t know what colour to go!
I’ve been all these different colours and I’m extremely bored of my hair as per and I haven’t dyed it in a year now which is odd because I use to dye it different colours every month or so.

20140713-012936 pm-48576147.jpg

20140713-012936 pm-48576288.jpg

20140713-012936 pm-48576643.jpg

20140713-012936 pm-48576465.jpg

20140713-013022 pm-48622969.jpg
The last photo is what my hair is now, clueless as to what colour to go to next! Tough decisions πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

Herbal teas

What’s everyone’s thoughts on herbal teas and such?
I know people say green tea is good for you as it gets rid of all the bad toxins and excess water in your body but I know full well I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Id ideally like to give green tea ago but knowing me I certainly wouldn’t like it.
I struggle with these twinning’s drinks as it is. Has anyone got any tips on how i could enjoy them more? Some people leave the tea bag in some people don’t and I’ve tried both ways and still can’t get to like them!

20140713-011227 pm-47547575.jpg